AWARDS International Photography Awards

  • Winner at the Sandisk photography contest 2015.

  • "Honorable mention" at MIFA Moscow International Foto Awards 2017.

  • "Honorable mention" at PX3 Prix Paris pour la photographie 2017.

  • Editor's choice of "The Independent Photographer" for "the Emerging Talent Award" 2017.

  • Award at the International portrait photography contest 2017, collections N°17, N°18 & N°20.

  • "Honorable mention" at the IPA International Photography Awards 2017 on 9 pictures, Categories : architecture (7), sport (1) and nature (1).

  • 3rd place Bronze Star architecture/bridges category at ND Awards 2017 and 6 "Honorable mentions" (buildings, travel, fine art landscapes and night)

  • "Honorable mention" at Chromatic Awards 2017 (international color photography contest) on 2 pictures : Architecture & Sport categories .

  • "Honorable mention" at Monochrome Photography Awards 2017 on 4 pictures : Architecture & Fine Art categories.

  • "Honorable mention" at International photographer of the year 2017 contest on 7 pictures, categories : street, landscapes, interior, buildings (x2), travel & bridges.

  • Best inspiring photography award in Camerapixo magazine N°28.

  • "Honorable mention" at the 11th International Color Awards, architecture category.

  • Editor's choice award in Camerapixo magazine N°29.

  • "Honorable mention" at Tokyo International Foto Awards 2017, Fine Art Landscapes category.

  • 6 "Nominees" at 4th Fine Art Photography Awards, architecture, cityscapes & landscapes categories.

  • Selected for exhibition at the Praxis Gallery Photographic Art Center (USA) for the international contest  "Mono-Kromatik".

  • Editor's choice award in Camerapixo magazine N°30.

  • 5 architectural pictures selected by the jury of Urban Photo Awards 2018.

  • 3 "Honorable mentions" at Monovision Awards 2018 : Travel, Landscape & Architecture categories.

  • Silver photography award in Camerapixo magazine N°35.

  • Photo press award in Camerapixo magazine N°35.

  • 5 "Honorable mentions" at International Photography Awards 2018 (3 single pictures : Trees, Fine Art Landscapes, Architecture Interiors categories) and 2 series (Architecture, Sport), 

  • 3 "Honorable mentions" at ND Awards 2018 (2 series : Architecture and Fine Art Landscapes categories, 1 single : Fine Art Landscapes).

  • "Honorable mention" at Chromatic Awards 2018, Landscapes category.

  • Finalist of the One eyeland awards 2018, Architecture category.

  • 3 "Nominees" at the 12th International Color Awards, Architecture & Sport categories.

  • 2nd place winner (series) at 5th Fine Art Photography Awards, Seascape category and 2 nominees (series & single), Architecture category.

  • Winner of the Umbra International Photography Awards 2019, main Architecture category (series), first place Black & White Landscapes and 2nd place Architecture Buildings (single).

  • Winner of the Viewpoint Gallery Photographic Art Center 2019 international photography contest (Canada).

  • 8 pictures and 2 series selected by the jury of Urban Photo Awards 2019.

  • 1 picture and 1 series semifinalists of Urban Photo Awards 2019.

  • 2 "Honorable mentions" at Monovisions Awards 2019, Architecture category.

  • 1 picture finalist of Urban Photo Awards 2019.

  • "Honorable mention" at International Photography Awards 2019, Architecture Buildings category.

  • 1 picture in the shortlist of Spotlight Awards 2019, architecture category.

  • Photo press Award in Camerapixo magazine N°51.

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International portrait photo awards

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International photography awards

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International photography awards

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Monovisions photography awards

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Umbra international photo awards

Viewpoint Gallery Halifax

Spotlight awards 2019

Urban Photo Awards 2019 finalist

Submitting your art photographs at international photo competitions is an essential way to be recognized for the quality of your photographic work, in fact the juries of international competitions are formed of the best professionals in the sector, be they professional photographers, gallery owners, curators, exhibitions managers or journalists. One of the best known photo competitions are "International Photography Awards" (IPA), which as many of them, allows you to submit your pictures in several categories according to the photographer's favorite field : advertising photographs, architecture, photo books, editorial (press photo), events, fine arts, landscapes and nature, people, sport…. It is generally possible to put to the vote a single photograph or a series of photographs on the same theme or telling a coherent story. Some competitions are only dedicated to artistic black and white photos such as "monovision awards" or color photography such as "chromatic awards". There are also challenges based on a single theme, for example street photography. Often, the first places give the opportunity to make international photo exhibitions or have publications in books.

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