URBAN Urban art photographs and street photographs

The city is a place of intense life where meet people from diverse backgrounds, giving the street photographer the opportunity to capture unlimited moments of life. It's a discipline that requires a lot of spontaneity during the shooting ; the representation of urban photography therefore largely depends on everyone's feelings. Many of my urban art photos were taken in Spain ; country where the street is a place of essential exchanges. So you will logically find in this series images taken in Spanish cities like Bilbao, Madrid, Seville, Zaragoza, Barcelona, ​​... but also in other big cities such as Milan, Bordeaux, Amsterdam, Prague, London, Geneva, Porto, ... It also sometimes happens to capture quirky or even unusual photos by playing with urban reflections, shadows, colors or atypical characters ; that is the main interest of "street photography" also called "live photography". It also often has a social dimension, in fact these urban images are a testimony of an era or a way of life because humans are very present, so they can sometimes be quite close to reportage photography. But concerning my photographic work, I don't make a purely social street photo, I am more attracted by a trend that is often called "candid photography"  which is a lighter view with a more graphic aspect or with what is often called in photography "the decisive moment".

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