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Landscape photography is a classic, humans always wanted to freeze the beauty of nature, first of all by painting of course ; then the genre has developed widely with the birth of argentic then digital photography. My art photographs of landscapes and nature invite you to discover places that represent for me a huge source of inspiration : Arcachon bay, Pilat dune, Spanish beaches, Landes coast, lakes of northern Europe, mountains of Andalusia, lake Como, ...

Personally, I want to give a poetic touch to my landscapes art photos, first by often using black and white photography which for me gives a timeless dimension ; then by including characters in my shots, in order to inscribe humans in their natural environment, it is a way of telling a story. Geometry is also quite present in my landscapes pictures, I like to structure the image with natural lines ; finally, I am also attracted by the dramatic aspect of tormented skies which gives strength and complexity to an artistic photo.

You will certainly find in this nature portfolio some decoration ideas that may incite you to buy your art photograph in limited edition to give a zen and soothing atmosphere to your interior design. So do not hesitate to have a look on the examples of presentation in the online store to view the final rendering of my landscapes art images framed in a large living room, an office or even a bedroom.

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