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Architectural art photography is for me the opportunity to sublimate the achievements of talented designers, regardless of the date they have created their works. So You will find on this page a very varied series of artistic architectural photographs : historic monuments such as the ancient Colosseum in Rome, the Tower Bridge in London, the famous Parisian Eiffel Tower, or even the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. But also and mostly modern and contemporary buildings which I like to give a second reading to the original architectural drawing by capturing them in a very personal and sometimes conceptual way, either by highlighting lines, curves or textures, or by showing them in their environment.

My architectural photographs are often declined in black and white images with deliberately dark skies bringing an additional modern even dramatic touch to the art picture. I also sometimes choose a minimalist monochrome or color visual effect depending on the case, which offers an interesting rendering, especially for the decoration of a room with a chic and refined design, as some examples presented in my online shop. It is obvious that the development of digital photography and the possibilities it has opened in terms of post-production allow contemporary architecture photography to become an art in its own right because of the choices which are offered to the photographer to express his vision of the urban environment.

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