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Frederic Ducos artist photographer
Frederic Ducos artist photographer
Frederic Ducos artist photographer

Professional artist photographer in Bordeaux, France, I want to offer creations with a fresh and poetic style.

Photography allows me to freeze surprising moments, perspectives, colors, shadows, reflections, movements whether it is in urban environment or seafront ; I also like to show the detail of materials and work on textures.

I do not really limit myself to one domain in particular, I photograph with a personal angle what I like visually, instinctively, whether it is architecture, landscapes, urban scenes, surf, ... the important thing for me is that the picture is visually interesting and complex with if possible a beautiful shade of gray ; as a consequence, I have a very strong attraction for black and white photographs, I find that it reinforces the poetic aspect, I only keep the color if it presents a real interest for the spectator.

I am also very much attracted by geometry, I think it structures the image and makes it more readable, in architecture of course but also in other more unexpected categories such as landscapes. I like to freeze the man in his environment, we can often see in my portfolio a person alone in the middle of a beach or a city, I think that it gives strong images and full of sense.

Finally, the sky also holds an important place in my photographic research, it often happens to me to take my camera in bad weather to capture complex or dramatic atmospheres.

« Photography is a brief complicity between foresight and luck »

John Stuart Mill

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