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Advertising photo

Welcome to the website of art photographer Frédéric Ducos, artistic photography is the chosen field of the artist who uses this medium to produce photographic artworks often available in black and white . The online store will allow you to order your art print in a limited edition of 30 copies worldwide in order to create your personalized framed art print in a art gallery quality from small format 30 x 40 cm to large format 100 x 150 cm. . The printing is carried out by a professional fine art workshop located in France on high-quality premium RC photo paper which perfectly reproduces the hues of color photographs but also the depth of black and white photos , contrasts and tones being particularly neat. You will find on this site a choice of art photographs on several themes: landscapes, urban, architecture, surf, vintage cars and motorcycles. Art photo is not the only field to be worked, the artist author also realizes portraits of celebrities and advertising photographs in several businesses : fashion, luxury, architecture, decoration, products, culinary ... Would you like to collaborate with photographer Frédéric Ducos on this type of professional photo service ? Go to the contact page of the site to enter your contact details and explain your project.

Decorate your home with a limited edition art photograph

This is one of the major decorative trends of recent years, art photography is a way of giving a real identity to an interior, by choosing the work of a recognized artist photographer, you buy a real contemporary artwork which may even take value due to its rarity because each art photograph is printed in an ultra limited edition . Whether decorating an entryway or a large living room, browse my portfolio to find the art photograph that will perfectly meet your expectations in terms of interior decoration .

Born in 1976, Frédéric Ducos is a self-taught artist photographer who offers a fresh and poetic universe. He travels the world to give his vision in particular on the seaside landscapes or the architecture of big cities; he likes to freeze amazing moments, perspectives, colors, shadows, reflections, movements ; he is also interested in the details of the materials. His contemporary art photos have been awarded in several international prizes and have been exhibited in many countries : France, Spain, Germany, Greece, United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, Italy, Hungary, Canada, Slovakia, Poland ...

The artist is also referenced on the world leading site for information on the art market Artprice. Some of his black and white photos have been published in the portfolio of Photo Vogue Italia, as well as in many magazines in France and abroad.


A choice of art photos in several themes

Depending on the decorative atmosphere you want to give to your room, I offer a choice of art prints in several themes to give a special mood to your interior design. The landscapes photographs and surf pictures will bring calm and softness or will encourage escape, the urban and architectural photographs will structure your decoration thanks to their geometric aspect, and finally the photographs of vintage cars and motorcycles will give dynamism to your walls. You also have the option of choosing color images or black and white photographs. Monochrome often brings a poetic and timeless touch to creations.

Bestselling art pictures

Here are art photos most popular with buyers of the site at the moment, a choice that is mainly focused on black and white photographs taken in very varied places : French and Spanish beaches, big European city, Arcachon bay. 

New artistic photos

My last trip to the beautiful city of Valencia in Spain allowed me to bring back artistic photographs which perfectly reflect the architectural diversity of this city, with images of the ultra modern district which contrast with the city center with its very traditional style.


Alexandra L.

I was looking for a large format art photograph for my living room and I had a crush on the photo "Bike on the beach", I received my print without problems on time, I am delighted with the rendering.

David G.

I ordered my art photograph "Titanium" for its graphic aspect particularly suited to my very contemporary interior, I was able to choose my frame, the result is amazing.

Maria R.

I chose a very natural art photo because I needed a Zen atmosphere in my office in which I spend a lot of time, the print was up to my expectations, very good quality.

If you can't find your favorite art photograph for purchase in the online store, it is because its is part of the art photographer's "decoration" collection, so it is available exclusively at a retailer such as decoration stores ; in this case you can ask via the contact page which point of sale is closest to you in order to acquire your artprint.

Do not hesitate to subscribe to the newsletter of the artist photographer Frédéric Ducos via the form below, you will receive by e-mail all his news : new art photographs, exhibitions, fairs, awards, press publications, events ... is an online contemporary photographic art gallery that offers to purchase only original artworks, so please note that all images on this site are under copyrights, so it's forbidden to copy the pictures .